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Welcome to our website =)
Dessiana is a high activity raiding city in the game Shop Heroes.
-You can find basic information about the city here, as well as city raidscores & crown jewel information.
-The forum is available for discussions/questions outside the city chat, and has info about current (raid) events, prizes & prize winners. 

City Details
Buildings: all at maximum level 
Crown Jewel Upgrades:
T5: Inn, Sorcerer's Tower, Market, Park, Forge, Miner's Guild, Engineering School, Trader's Square, Fine Jewels & Co, Mana Beacon, Tannery, Iron Mine, Garden, Sawmill, Theater, Hunter's Lodge, Fountain, Training Hall & Thief's Hideout
T4: -
T3: School of Magic, Refinery & Textile Factory
T2: Fine Wood Inc, Foundry, Temple & Fighter's Guild 
T1: -
Mayor's Choice Discount: Inn & Castle
Players: Currently between lvl 45-64
City Chat: -English, in-game city chat. Reasonably active, occasionaly a very silent day.
                 -City forum available for discussions & info you don't want to dissapear after 10 msg's
City Raid: All rewards unlocked & some endless stages on top
City Trade Wars: Usually close to Top 10 with city reward #31+ unlocked
City Rankings: ~38 by networth & ~57 by fame
Inactivity/Leeching: Standard removal from the city after 2 weeks of inactivity/low event scores without explanation.
(Unless a player just joined us, in that case they will be kicked out after the first raid).
Neighborhood: Very active city with daily players, so the buildings are often boosted. Players are quite friendly & helpfull so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask =)

City Minimum Raid Requirements:
We expect everyone to cover at least their fair share (1/25th) of the raid rewards they can get. 
Finishing a raid currently takes 160K points, which means 6400 points per player.

Exceptions to the 6400 point raid minimum may apply to players that joined before the raid changes. Those exceptions will remain as long as another player is willing to cover the difference. See our forum for details.

City Minimum Trade Wars Requirements:
-City entry requirement: at least 1/25th of the contribution points needed to unlock the rewards that are claimable in our city. Our city average contribution is 65K+ per player, so we’re looking for someone that’s willing to contribute around the same, or more, to ensure the claimable rewards stay stable. 

-For players that joined before Trade Wars existed: 
Team mentality & willing to at least reinvest the gems that will be claimable from the rewards into scoring more points. Most of us go far beyond the following minimums:
*Daily invest: At least 61gems & 1.2G gold 
*Daily Contribution: At least 61gems to turn in 6 sets of dwarvish chests or better items 
*Dominion: We’ll gladly teach and help you build a good team

(For players with low income, 230M gold daily instead of 1.2G is acceptable)
(Instead of 6 sets daily, 5 sets daily & 1 extra round of PvP during the event is also an option) 

Last but not least:
Be aware we have zero tolerance for players trying to leech during tradewars. Anyone caught only investing 1 or 11 gems daily is risking a direct city removal.

Other entry requirements:
Always make sure you chose a city where you can keep using the buildings for your own benefit. 
We're a max lvl (=expensive) city, so our Inn and Townhall cost 3.75M to use (other buildings several million, castle 50M). 1G+ investments in a low city for cheap basic development would be reccomended.

Extra Raid Rewards:
We always have some friendly competition going on in the weekend for some small extra rewards.
It's just to keep things more interesting. The standard rewards that you get for finishing a raid when you're lvl 45+ are already worth hundreds of gems. So extra raid rewards are always just a small bonus.

-The type of competition & rewards can always be found in the Mayor's Message tab when the raid starts. 
-The winners will be posted there on monday and can put up a city request to recieve their prize.
-Raid details are always posted on our forum, because on occasion, the (prize) info and list of winners/rewards is so long that it will not fit into the mayor's message.
-Prizes will be filled as soon as possible. They added a limit to city trades which only allows me to fill 5 items per day, and the prize pool often contains more items so please have a bit of patience =)

Competitions vary each week, and can be anything from raffles to a top 5-10 and random rewards or layered rewards. Top raiders often get a garanteed prize for all their effort, and everyone else often has a chance to win something as well.
The basic requirement to qualify for extra rewards is always to cover at least your fair share of the points: if you are below that, you will not be able to win random rewards or raffle prizes. (And raiding below fair share often will lead to city removal). 

Extra rewards vary and depend on what I have in stock. Usually its 5 or more lvl 25-49ish epic items or a few legendary quality populair skill items (gold chest bp's or lower), with an occasional bigger raffle for a few nice legendary & mythical items (usually once a month). I try to make sure rewards have a value of at least 20gems each. 
Players are free to do with their rewards as they wish, for newer players the epics are often still decent upgrades, and more advanced players may wish to sell them for gems or use them for fusion instead.

Sometimes, other neighbors add items to the prizepool. In that case prizes are given out any way they would prefer, so need before greed for example can be an additional requirement in that case.
And occasionally, we have some city events that aren't related to raiding at all. The official relic event is usually accompanied by a small local crafting event for example.

Prize & event wise, for anyone curious…it's best to check the raid section of our forum to get a decent idea. 
Every city event & all prizes given out in the last 2 years or so are listed there =)

Raffles explained:
Top X and random reward style events are pretty self explaining. How raffles work often leads to questions.
Basically it's a lottery, every 500 points you score gives you a "ticket" for a chance to win something. (Might increase this to 1000 due to the new raid changes).
After the raid finishes, all of the tickets earned are counted & numbered. After that a RNG (random number generator) is used to select the winning tickets. 
The first ticket selected by the RNG will recieve the highest valued prize, the 2nd drawn ticket will be for the next most valuable item, and so on, untill winners for all of the prizes have been selected.
With raffles, players can only win 1 item max, so if you got lucky and won a high value item, your tickets will not count for the other lower rewards of that week. If a winners ticket gets selected again by the RNG, it will be rerolled.

Everyone above fair share has a chance to win the top rewards with a raffle. Players that are very active and collect more tickets will have a higher chance to win.

Here's an example of an old raffle style event:

The prizepool was 3 legendary items and 2 mythicals.  Based on their gem value (checked on the trade house the moment the raid ended) the legendary titanic lance was the top prize, and the legendary lion's tail the lowest.
4 of the top raiders passed on rewards and a few players raided below fair share, leaving a total of 67 tickets.
(As for the order of the names and how tickets got numbered, while not important, it was just sorted by monthly raid score average in case anyone was curious) 
The RNG (1-67) selected 11, 67, 58, 8 and 51 as winning tickets. (and I usually roll a few back-up numbers, just in case any of the winners decide to pass on their reward). 

Layered Rewards Explained:
I usually try to craft 5+ of the same item as rewards, but on occasion I have a whole bunch of different level epics in smaller amounts. With layered rewards, the top raider will recieve the highest value item, and the lowest ranking prizewinner will get the lowest value item from the prizepool.