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I'm always keeping track of everyone's raidscores to ensure the city remains active and doesn't turn into a ghost town. You can find your personal topscores here, as well as monthly averages and fair share % coverage.

Amazing raiding everyone, thank you all for being so active! =)

-The monthly average is based on the city raids of the last month. updated for the period: 4 - 27 Januari (4 raids)
  (You can find individual week data & raid event info/prizes/winners on our forum)

-The personal top scores are the highest raidscores players ever achieved since joining the city. 
The city raid average was above 4K per player last month & we completed endless 4-10. 

Sometimes players drop a bit below 100% fair share coverage, as long as there's a reasonable explanation and an indication they'll be active again soon it's not a problem. Real life comes first, we'll gladly cover for a neighbors vacation/busy week as long as they're willing to do the same for us.

(If players are often below target you will usually see me posting a warning that they are approaching city removal.)

Expected Inactivity/Lower Activity: 

-See the inactivity/low activity section on our forum


Unexplained/Below target often recently:

-See the inactivity/low activity section on our forum

Older Raid Data

December 2018 (5 raids/weeks: 30 November - 30 December)
Completed Endless 7-9

November 2018 (4 raids/weeks: 2-25 November)

Completed Endless 6-7.

October 2018 (4 raids/weeks: 5-28 October)
Completed Endless 4-17, endless 17 is a new city record =)

September 2018 (5 raids/weeks: 31 August - 30 September)
Completed Endless 5-7

August 2018 (4 raids/weeks: 3 August - 26 August)

Completed Endless 5-13, with endless 13 being a new city record

July 2018 (5 raids/weeks: 1 July - 29 July)

June 2018 (5 raids/weeks: 1 June - 1 July)

May 2018 (4 raids/weeks: 4 May - 27 May)

April 2018 (4 raids/weeks: 6 April - 29 April)

March 2018 (5 raids/weeks: 2 March - 1 April)
(Including the 16-18th March raid in which half the players couldn't get online)

Februari 2018 (4 raids/weeks: 2 february - 25 february):

January 2018 (4 raids/weeks: 7 january - 28 january) :

Older Raid Data:
I'll try to clean it up a bit & add more previous months when I get around to it.
4 week period of 17december-7 january:

Raid averages from the 4 weeks before that (26 november-17december):